TeamSquared Advertising


Our Services


Multi-Channel Marketing

• Helping you reaching a wider audience through our multi-channel services "Email, social media, phone chat, and messaging applications"



Customizing your giveaways in a way that guarantees the highest quality, superior craft and uniqueness that will make your brand stand out from the crowd of copycats. Our giveaways are worth taking!


Events and Exhibitions

• Logistical planning from scratch “Theme & Concept design, set up, branding decoration, A/V Equipment building booths & displays, etc.)
• See try and feel / living the brand experience, leaving the story and create remarkable impact with clear & memorable take home messaging.


Creative Concepts & Designs

• Identifying key communication messaging with targeting, rational & reason to believe.
• Formulating creative interpretations that are inline with activity objective.
• Visualizing your communication through our team of creative artists and designers that’s dedicated to make every decision with both strategy and ingenuity


Retail Marketing & Marketing Activations

• Living the brand experience (Character, Image, Messaging, features & benefits.
• Make people feel a part of the brand & giving them the chance to try a product.
• Activate the brand by using attractive design, point of purchase displays, retail product launch experiences that allow consumer to try a particular product.
• Attracting more customers to a store or website, which can lead to increased sales & revenues.
• Improving Customer Relationships: we can help retailers build stronger relationships with their customers.

What do we do?

We are the people who have tools, not just
hummers, wood and nails.
But the idea is to make all these resources
work in your favor.
Each service is a combination of unabashed
creativity and flawless execution.